Suffering from cancer and sudden retirement, and this is her will .. Madiha K’s tales


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Today marks the departure of one of the beautiful Egyptian cinema through the ages, the exceptional artist Madiha Kamel, Madiha was born on August 3, 1948, and she left our world on this day January 13, 1997, to leave a great artistic history between cinema and television, she is the beautiful girl in “30 days” In prison, “the bereaved mother in” the imps, “and the spy in” going up to the abyss. “

In this report, we monitor Madia Kamel’s tales:

Technical Start

Madiha Kamel graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Ain Shams University and worked as a model before heading to acting, where artist Samir Ghanem discovered her in the mid-sixties when he saw her by chance while returning from high school, so he was attracted to her beauty and offered her to be an actress, so she agreed. Madiha Kamel participated with the artist Samir Ghanem has worked in more than one of them, including the movie “30 Days in Prison” and the movie, “You answer it, you answer it. This is it.”

Madiha considers her real breakthrough through the movie “30 Days in Prison,” and she has stated in more than one meeting that she considers the role of the spy in the movie “Ascending to the Abyss” as a turning point in her artistic career, and in a surprising decision for her fans and fans, Madiha decided to retire art while filming the movie ” The Applis Gate “in 1993, and completely away from the limelight.

After her retirement, the actress Madiha Kamel did not appear in the media, except in one of the episodes of the famous program (A Very Frank Dialogue) in 1995.

In her artistic history, Madiha has presented 142 works between cinema, television and theater.

Madihas discovery story

Reasons for retirement

Artist Madiha Kamel said during an interview with Egyptian TV, that she retired from the arts because of the pressure of the artwork that made her unable to visit her relatives, and from performing prayers and fables, and from practicing the sports she loves, noting that she is multi-talented, she is a decorator, and a fashion designer so she can work in any Something she loves away from art, which is why she thinks a lot about the decision to retire.

A rare television interview with the artist Madiha Kamel

the disease

In 1975, while performing her role in the series of Snake, Madiha suffered a stroke in the heart due to the prejudice on herself and the delay in treatment, which led to weak heart muscle, and then she developed breast cancer, and increased her health crisis after suffering a proliferation of water on her lungs as a result of smoking, which necessitated She stayed in the hospital for 10 months.

personal life

Madiha Kamel married 3 times, the first from Mahmoud Al-Rayes, and she gave birth to her only daughter Mirhan, the second from the director Sharif Hammouda, and the third time she married a lawyer.

An episode on Madiha Kamel’s life

Neighborhood with the daughter of Madiha Kamel


Madiha Kamel died in Ramadan, and she called Suhair Ramzi and their friend Aisha Jafar through “Conference Call”, and a new service was in that period, and Madiha Kamel was very happy with her.

The scriptwriter Mustafa Muharram told “Najm Al-Youm” that he remained ten years old and did not see the artist Madiha Kamel, and the first time he saw her after her was while she was buried, indicating that the late woman left a will not touch her body except those forbidden to her, who are the closest relatives, and recommended that the doctor read Omar Abdul Kafi on her grave.

Pray for her

Actress Madiha Kamel said, in a television interview, that her favorite prayer is the prayer of Mrs. Aisha, “Oh God, we ask you for forgiveness and wellness.”


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