Sulaf Fawakherji on the issue of Nancy Ajram and her husband: The issue is bigger than us


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Posted: Monday, January 13, 2020 – 20:56 | Last update: Monday, January 13, 2020 – 20:59

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        Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakherji commented on the issue of the murder of the storm of the house of Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram.<p>Also read: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Maryam Said's relationship physically is a bloody expense and exposing celebrity "Hamza Moon Bibi" ... her wedding was canceled one day ago<br/></a><br/>Fawakherji published, through her personal account on Instagram, a picture in which she collected the dead man and his sons, and between Nancy and her husband and their daughters, and a writer commented: "The law is al-Faisal, in the oppressor and in the oppressed, and in justice on the ground, even in a few proportions, and in justice in the sky is greater than all proportions All people demand an opinion or attitude from the artist, and the artist is a part of society who must say and speak for sure, but when things are not complete their image is not complete. "

She continued: “And when you are in the hands of the judiciary, we do not grow or give judgments and decisions and it is not permissible to interfere because the truth after it has become clear and the issue is very thorny, and for all people who ask me to express an opinion on the issue and as if my decision is the ruling, or just to prove a position or catch up with the race of the media media (And the story is not the heck and is greater than the heck), I stop the side of the oppressed person, regardless of his nationality, so no one accepts injustice, not to Elo or others, and it is true that the Syrian did much wrong with his brothers, but the generalization is wrong, and every country is in favor and in good. ”

She added: “Nationality, such as the name Malu, has a relationship in which the sons of Adam create manners with him, and the racists where they were not sick people, and with a definite halt with the right of my country, even if it was at the end of what God is old, and every drop of blood from it is from my blood, even if Nancy and Dr. Fadi are guilty of sure Take their reward, but the topic is greater than us and from our evaluation, and no one knows it, to the extent that it is a few, and it is sure that they are not criminals in the first place or sadists, but in something that has become wrong and unacceptable, and I am sure they are a good family what we heard about them bad words one day, and they have Family and daughters, the videos that come down, the songs and the schadenfreude, do not befit a human being who has suffered misfortune in every sense of the word and The artist day of days gave happiness to people, Manu God, of course, and Biglt as possible and be transformed for a moment what a criminal, who Bs Mo moment happened where we Nehna criminals. ”

She added: “May God have mercy on my son and persevere his family and his family and children, and the children of my children and our children like us all, and God willing, he will return his right as a person and redress the injustice from him, and who has become with him our hearts pained and pain and they will not be saved, and the Lord alone who cuts off from the oppressor sooner or later, leave positions Lawyers and judges are far from being guardians of society, and every one of us has a problem and a defect, and we are all exposed at the moment that we are not wronged or unjust, and I am certain in something that we know what has become, and who has become greater than art and fame, in homes, in secrets and in human beings.

She concluded: “We have confidence in the Lebanese judiciary, and we have confidence in the important Syrian lawyers who received the case and with all the Arab lawyers who volunteered to uncover the truth and solidarity with Mohamed Al-Mousa and inspired them with all respect and appreciation, and we have confidence before everything in God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful and the Compassionate.


It is worth noting that the villa of the Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram, in New Suhaila, Lebanon, was attacked by a person named Mohammed Hassan Musa, a Syrian national, for the purpose of theft.

According to Lebanese media reports, the thief managed to sneak at night into the house carrying his pistol, by which he managed to remove three bodyguards for the house, as soon as he had fired the pistol on them, and continued his walk inside the house, but he was surprised by her husband, Dr. Fadi Al Hashim, and he made his gun known to him to happen Gunfire between the two parties resulted in the immediate death of the thief, and security forces, forensic evidence and investigations are under way.

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