Super Conference .. Fadl explains the reason for choosing the date and stadium of the match


Mohamed Fadl, a member of the five-year committee for the management of the Egyptian Football Association, spoke about the reason for choosing the date and venue for the Egyptian Super Stadium between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, which is to be held in the UAE.

During the press conference in which the details of the super match were revealed, Fadl said: “I thank Presentation Company, their name is linked to success. I thank our brothers in the Emirates, we received a respectable reception from all.”

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And on the reason for choosing a date and a stadium for the Super Stadium, Fadl said: “The establishment of the Super Club was settled on the twentieth of February 2020 because it is a special day.”

He continued, “As for the selection of the stadium, the Emirates have stadiums of a high level of quality and excellence.”

He continued: “The selection of the Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium was made after a visit to the committee that was present in the Emirates, because it was built on international specifications, in addition to its capacity reaching 37 thousand spectators.”

Fadl said, “The match will be managed by a foreign refereeing team, in addition to implementing video technology during the meeting.”


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