Super Koura .. A Zamalkaweya gift explodes the Ahlan volcano .. Abdullah Al-Saeed is chasing his executioners inside the Great Club


Mohammed Anwar, Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, won the best player in his team’s match against Pyramids, according to “Koura Stats” network, and the player got a rating of 7.5, while Abdullah Al-Saeed, the best player in Pyramids, scored 4.1.

The Pyramids and Alexandrian Federation match ended in a positive tie 1/1, in the match held between them today in the 13th round of the league matches, the goal of Pyramids was scored by Emad Al-Sayed, goalkeeper of the Alexandrian Federation goalkeeper by mistake in his goal, while Mohamed Anwar, the Alexandrian Federation’s player for his team in the Pyramids goal With “heels” in the 50th minute of the match between the two teams.


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