Super Koura .. How does Abdullah Al-Saeed have the right to enter the Hundred Club? The list of goals reveals


Abdullah Al-Saeed contributed to his team’s draw against the Alexandrian Federation, with a goal that Emad Al-Sayed, the goalkeeper’s goalkeeper, scored a goal in his goal, from a corner ball sent by Abdullah Al-Saeed, who was not the goalkeeper, to go into his net.

After the match, the media, Ahmed Shouber, came out to confirm the player’s entry into the Hundred Club, by scoring the 100th goal in the history of his participation in the Egyptian league, with Ismaili, Al-Ahly and Pyramids. However, the list of goals scored completely contradicts that.

It is noteworthy that, Abdullah Al-Saeed, the star of Pyramids, was preparing to enter the Club of the Hundred, where he remains a single goal in order to score the 100th goal in his career in the league competition, by playing for Al-Ismaili, Al-Ahly and Pyramids.

Al-Saeed’s goals came by 36 with Al-Ismaili, 50 goals with Al-Ahly, and 13 goals with Pyramids, and his career with the Red Team is the most prominent in his football career, as it was full of brilliance and scoring goals and was one of the most prominent players in the ranks of the red genie.


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