Super Koura reveals the details of the bustling senior Al Ahly meeting with Saleh Juma


Saleh Jumaa, the player of Al-Ahly club, caused a state of controversy inside the Red Castle, after his surprising statements that included an attack on the Swiss technical team manager Rene Vyler, which prompted the club’s senior players to hold a session with him in an attempt to contain the crisis.

Salih Jumaa believes that he is treated badly and unjustified by the Swiss Rene Weiler, the technical director of Al-Ahly, who always excludes him from the list and from the division in the training without specific reasons, stressing that his absence from the training recently due to his poor psychological condition, so he closed his phone for a long time Because of the great sadness he suffers from.

After Saleh Jumah’s statements, the senior Al-Ahly players held a session with the player, in an attempt to end the matter, and an informed source inside the Red Team revealed to “Super Koura”, the details of the tumultuous meeting with Saleh Jumah after his recent statements.

To find out the details of the rousing Al-Ahly senior meeting with Saleh Jumaa, Press here..

Saleh Jumaa will hold a session with Al-Ahly club officials, in particular the manager of the ball, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, during the next few hours, where the player will stick to leaving in the absence of participation in the matches, but it remains to be determined how he will leave the red castle, and whether it will be on loan to a local or external club Or as a matter of final sale, a matter that is expected to be disputed between the player and his club in the next few days.

Saleh Jumaa received 3 offers from local clubs to leave the ranks of Al-Ahly during the ongoing winter transfers on loan, this is the Ismaili, Smouha and Enppi clubs..

Ismaili officials want to include Saleh Jumaa and Hussein Al-Sayed on loan for the end of the season to take advantage of their technical capabilities and great experiences in adjusting the path of the dervishes at the local level, in addition to helping the club reach the Arab podium for the first time in Ismaili history, especially after the team reached the quarter-finals competitions The Mohammed VI Cup of Champions Clubs is awaiting a crucial position with Al-Thaghr on January 26, after the Dervish win in the first leg with a goal without response.

Enppi asked to obtain the services of Saleh Jumaa on loan for six months, and Enppi’s thinking came about requesting to get Saleh Jumaa because of the player’s exit from the accounts of the Swiss coach Rene Weiler, the technical director of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club and students of the player’s departure.

Smouha entered the club and called for borrowing Saleh Jumaa, at the request of Hamada Sedky, the new technical director of the team, which seeks to restore the Blue Wave team to the victories track..

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