Super Koura reveals the scenes of the Al-Dardanli meeting and Ahmed Mortada .. The system banned the duos request


The press conference that is currently held in one of the major Cairo hotels to announce the details of the Egyptian Super match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, which is scheduled to be held on the 20th of next February in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has witnessed many remarkable events.

Al-Ahly is preparing the “League Champion” to meet Zamalek, “Egypt Cup Champion” at the local Super League in the UAE.

A delegate from both Al-Ahly and Zamalek attended the local super conference, where Al-Ahmar represented Khaled Al-Derndali, the treasurer, while Zamalek was represented by Ahmed Mortada Mansour, member of the Council.

To find out the scenes of Al-Dardanli and Ahmed Mortadas meeting with the Super Conference Via Super Kore .. from here

It is reported that Al-Ahly achieved the last super title, which brought the two teams to the Burj Al Arab stadium, and ended with the victory of the red team 3/2.

At its last meeting, chaired by Amr Al-Janaini, the Egyptian Football Association’s committee approved the agreement reached by Mohamed Fadl, a member of the committee, to establish the Egyptian Super match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek teams, in implementation of his assignment of this file by the committee .. Fadl had gone to the UAE on January 3 At the head of a delegation from the Egyptian Football Association included Hossam Al-Zanati, General Coordinator of the Super Match and Amr Orange, and Yousra Sharra from the Union’s Marketing Department, where the delegation made inspection visits to three stadiums, Hazza Bin Zayed Stadiums in Al Ain City, Mohammed bin Zayed and the Sports City in Abu Dhabi, where it was settled On the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in a meeting of Mohamed Fadl with Arif Al-Awani, Secretary General of Abu Dhabi Sports Council who witnessed agreement on the details of the meeting that included the match at 9:00 pm on Thursday, February 20, in the presence of 37 thousand spectators, after the summit match between the two clubs was postponed to February 24 Instead of February 19.

The match is scheduled to be managed by a team of foreign referees that the Egyptian Referees Committee will select, with the application of VAR technology during the match. The match will also be held amid celebrations in a new way, with a technical surprise that will be revealed with the rest of the details during the press conference scheduled for Wednesday.

Presentation company headed by Montaser Al-Nabrawi promised to exit the super match in a way befitting Egypt’s reputation and to be an extension to appear in local and international forums in a distinctive way as was the custom in the African Nations Championships for adults and under 23 years and to provide an opening and closing ceremony for the dazzling world, which was highlighted by the various media at that time


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