Surprises and shocks in the Oscar 2020 nominations


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Tuesday 14 January 2020 – 10:47 PM
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Tuesday 14 January 2020 – 10:47 PM

* * “Joker” leads and “Irish” is chasing him .. “1917” is the black horse … and the Korean “parasite” enters history by competing for “best in the world”
Jennifer Lopez and Aquafina get out … wide criticism of ignoring the outputs from the list
* Scarlett Johansson first nominated for Best Leading Actress and Assistant Awards for two different films
* Former US President Obama and his wife compete for the award for Best Long Documentary with “American Factory” produced by their company
* Netflix outperforms its competitors in film production and wins 24 nominations
Director Sam Mendes returns to Oscar with three nominations, twenty years after his first victory
* Tarantino wins two nominations as Best Director and Screenwriter for his ninth film “An Event in Hollywood”

Most of the choices in the Academy of Image Arts and Sciences, responsible for the distribution of the Oscars, in the 24 nominations lists announced yesterday evening, were in line with previous expectations for the official announcement of the full lists nearly a month before the annual concert in its 92nd edition, to be held on February 9 Dolby Theater, Hollywood.

Despite that, some of the names that captured the Golden Globe nominations and the critics’ awards have disappeared, which presented the Academy to many criticisms since the announcement of the names of the stars and works nominated for the Academy Awards, and the absence of the American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez from the list of the best supporting actress for her role in the movie «Cheats – Hustlers »is one of the most prominent question marks that made headlines and international art sites, alongside Okafina, the hero of the film“ Farewell ”, which won the Golden Globe best actress for this great movie.

The criticism directed at all the lists of award nominations this season, the end of the Oscars, is an omission to include women directors among the best lists, despite presenting outstanding works this year, including the film director Greta Geroge, “Little Women”, and Lulu Wang, director of the film “Farewell – The Farewell”. ”, And Michael Heller, director of the movie” A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood “, despite the announcement of the Academy that 62 women were nominated in its lists this year, which is nearly a third of the candidates, and in general only 5 women in the history of the Oscars are nominated for an award. The best director.

On the other hand, the movie “Joker” dominated the Oscars, as it was nominated for 11 awards, including (Best Film, Actor, Director, Soundtrack, Cinematography, and Modified Script), and it became the most adapted movie from comic books to receive nominations. The Oscar, after a previous movie, “Black Panther”.

After the “Joker” with 10 nominations, Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” movie, “1917” by Sam Mendes, and “Up in a Time in Hollywood” by Quentin Tarantino, are participating in second place, after 10 nominations.

Also, “Parasite”, “Marriage Story”, “Little Women”, and “Jojo Rabbit” won “6 important nominations.”

As usual, Netflix outperformed its competitors in the movie production and display platforms market, winning 24 Oscar nominations, followed by Sony with 20 nominations, and Disney with only 16, while Warner Bros and Fox received 12 nominations.

The hero of the movie “The Joker” American actor Joaquin Phoenix achieved his fourth Academy Award nomination, and is considered the closest to winning the award this year, after he won the Golden Globe and critics’ choices, despite his strong competition with each of (Antonio Banderas, Leonardo de Cabrio, Adam Driver, Jonathan Price).

As for his director, Todd Phillips is competing for the best prize with a strong list of great directors, but he is in a weak position against Sam Mendes, the director of the movie (1917), which won both the Golden Globe and the critics’ choices, outperforming the candidates in the same list (Bong Joon Ho, Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino). ).

“Parasite” has achieved a historical event as it is the first South Korean film to be nominated in the list of best films during 2019 to compete with (1917, Ford v Ferrari, The Irishman, Jojo Rabbit, Joker, Little Women, Marriage Story, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), besides running in the list of the best foreign-language film that is discounted for him after winning the Golden Globe and critics ’selections for the same category but this time he competes with (Corpus Christi, Honeyland, Les Miserables, Pain and Glory), It is the sixth film in history that combines the two nominations.

American actress Scarlett Johansson was nominated for two Oscars this year, although her chances of winning are weak, as she competes for the award for the best lead actress for her role in the movie “Marriage Story”, with (Cynthia Arifu, Sarsha Ronan, Charles) Theron) alongside Rene Zellweger who won both the Golden Globe and critics ’choices for her role in the movie“ Judy ”and most precisely she is on her way to the second Oscar, as the first was the best supporting actress for her role in the movie“Cold Mountain” in 2003.

As for the list of best supporting actress, Johansson is competing for her second movie this year, “Jojo Rabbit”, with (Cathy Bates, Florence Poe and Margo Robbie), and Laura Deren, who won the same award in the Golden Globe and critics’ choices for her role in The movie “Marriage Story”.

British director, Sam Mendes, is in a state of cinematic euphoria with his movie “1917”, which won the approval of critics, and the public also since its launch in theaters after winning the Gold Globe Award as the best director and best movie, and he is now on his way to coronation, after twenty years have passed On the Oscar Award for Best Director in 2000 for the movie “American Beauty”, he was nominated for three new Oscars, which are (Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Film), among the 10 nominations that the film received, including (Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound, Best Soundtrack).

It revolves around 2 British soldiers carrying an impossible mission during World War I, and it must deliver a message deep into enemy territory that will prevent 1,600 soldiers from marching directly into a deadly trap, among them the brother of one of them.

The Oscars culminated this year, with the return of the great American actor Tom Hanks to her nearly 20 years after his nomination for his role in the movie “Cast Away”, but this time he competes in the list of the best supporting actor with (Anthony Hopkins, Albacino, Joe Bishi). And the brilliant Golden Globe crop and critics’ choices for the same category, Brad Pitt for his role in Quentin Tarantino.

The best screenplay awards for the Oscars are divided into a modified script, which this year included films (Irish Man, Jojo Rabbit, Joker, Little Women, the Popes), and an original screenplay list that included both (1917, a marriage story, a parasite, happened in Hollywood) along with “Knives Out.”

The cinematography prize is considered one of the most prestigious categories awaited every year at the Oscars, and filmmakers (1917, Irishman, Joker, Hollywood event) compete against it this year, and the film that did not appear in this category despite the ingenuity of his hero, William Dafoe, in the title role “The Lighthouse” The Lighthouse »photographed in black and white.

The appearance of the movie “Ford vs. Ferrari” in the Oscars lists was an acceptable surprise to the audience who liked the film, but it did not appear in the lists of the best for other awards, but the Oscar honored him with four nominations: (Best Film, Best Editor, Best Sound, Best Mixer).

The absence of the movie “The Lion King” from the list of the best animated movie besides the movie “Frozen 2”, was one of the most prominent question marks addressed to the academy, as the list included (How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World), and I lost My Body – I Lost My Body, Klaus, Missing Link, Toy Story 4).

Despite his overwhelming success in theaters, and achieving revenues close to $ 3 billion, Avengers: Endgame won only one Oscar nominee in the list of Best Visual Effects with (1917, Irishman, Lion). King, Star Wars).

The film that won the best makeup and hairdressing awards, “Bombshell”, did not miss the Academy Lists either in the same category to compete with both (1917, Joker, Judy, Malevicent: Evil Mistress), along with two nominations for Charles Theron as Best Actress, and Margo Robbie As the best supporting actress.

The former American president and his wife, Michelle Obama, have become officially on the lists of candidates for the Oscars, after the first movie produced by their company, “American Factory”, was chosen as a list of the best documentary film, and the couple rushed to congratulate the film team and its technical producers via Twitter, and it revolves His events revolve around a Chinese businessman taking over a GM plant, bringing life to American workers after the Industrial Depression as Chinese advanced and technological ideas coexist with the American working class.


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