Syrians with Turkish citizenship lead combat groups in Libya


Source: Arabic

Sources revealed to Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath that Turkey is training Syrian groups to send them to fight in Libya, adding that Syrians with Turkish citizenship are leading combat groups in Libya. She added that Turkish special forces had arrived in Tripoli to protect individuals in Al-Wefaq.

The sources stated that Hamza Al-Omar, a Syrian national, obtained Turkish citizenship for nearly 7 months, leading Syrian groups inside Libya and a contact person for Turkey. He also leads a group consisting of 35 Syrians and is responsible for the most important Syrian armed groups and is currently in Tripoli.

The sources added to the Arabic that Turkey has trained 4 groups of Syrians, each group includes 35 Syrians in the so-called urban warfare, by Turkish officers of the Turkish gendarma forces, who trained them in street wars, cities and guerrilla wars.

How to train

The sources pointed out that the elements trained 14 days, while others underwent training for 21 days and others trained for 45 days. The elements undergo courses on street war tactics, landmine cultivation, and comprehensive weapon training. Among these elements are those with full experience and the Turks previously participated in military operations in Syria, and others participated during the training of the elements in the Kirsehir Province and other elements trained in Foca, near Izmir.

The sources talked about the agreement between Turkey and the Al-Wefaq government guaranteeing that Turkey would obtain funds for the entire period of the presence of Turkish military forces inside the Libyan territories, noting that elements of the Turkish forces from the amphibious Marines brigade arrived in Libya, including elements responsible for securing important figures in the National Accord government, including Elements responsible for training Libyan forces in Tripoli. She added that the Al-Wefaq government signed with three Turkish civil companies working in the field of contracting.

Arab sources indicated that the Al-Wefaq government also concluded an agreement to support its militias with armored vehicles and tanks from Turkey, and that Fayez Al-Sarraj signed an agreement to purchase armored vehicles and tanks despite the arms embargo.

The sources pointed out that Turkey sent an intelligence group consisting of 25 Turks responsible for espionage, gathering information about Libya, arming the Libyan National Army, and everything related to operations in Libya, including communications and programming engineers.

And she continued that the training operations that are currently taking place in Libya are taking place in camps that have been prepared by Turkey, conducting training operations on three periods in Tripoli and supervised by elements of the Turkish Staff. Also, Turkish military engineers are currently supervising the training of Libyan elements that follow Al-Wefaq.

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