Takis Gunness: Abd al-Munsif is a legend and what he does does not happen in Europe


The Greek technical team Takis Gunness praised the team Tigris Valley, With Mohamed Abdel Monsef, the goalkeeper goalkeeper, saying: “A legend is a legend in this country. He plays for a year and a half in a row without stopping in one game, and this does not happen even in Europe.”

On the payment of Khaled Walid to guard the Tigris den in front of the military production in the match they gathered Monday evening in the thirteenth round of the league competition, which ended in a positive tie with a goal for each of them, the technical director of the Tigris said that the payment was made in order to give him the opportunity to participate with the granting of Abdel Monsef a premium A break, especially since Khaled Walid puts a lot of effort into training.

The war team advanced with a goal in the 12th minute after a catastrophic mistake made by Khaled Walid, the goalkeeper, by holding the ball and then falling from his hand into his net, then Rajab Imran scored the equalizer from a penalty kick in the 59th minute..

With this result, each team snatches one point without a change in the centers, as the balance of the Tigris rose to point 10 in the seventeenth place in the league table after playing 13 games, he won in two games, drew in 4 meetings, lost 7 confrontations, his players scored 13 goals and conceded 21 goals while production Al-Harbi is eighth in the league table with 18 points, after he played 12 games, won 4 games, drew 6 games, lost 3 matches, and his players scored 11 goals and conceded 12 goals..

Takis Gunness expressed his satisfaction with the result of parity with military production, confirming that his team presented a distinguished performance and they deserved to win, but that the production was a stubborn team, pointing out that its mission is to improve the team level, and given Manchester City and Liverpool they find players easily, and every team in Supports are required provided they are better available players.


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