Talaat: Smouha bought me from the contractors .. Faraj Amer did not fail


Mohamed Talaat, the new Smouha Alexandrian team striker, confirmed that his transfer to the blue team came with the approval of the Arab Contractors Club.

In statements to “On Sport” channel, Mohamed Talaat said: “The contractors are aware of my move to Smouha Club, and he received a remuneration for the transfer.”

The Contractors Club had described the player’s signature to Smouha as “reckless” behavior before confirming that the transfer had occurred formally in the end, noting that the player almost faced the risk of suspension.

“Smouha is one of the biggest clubs in Egypt, moving to his ranks is a positive step, and I am trying to present a strong and good season,” Talat added.

And Talaat concluded: “Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, did not fall short with me, and I was well appreciated financially. There are big differences in this matter with what I was getting in the contractors.”


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