Tamer Habib announces the re-introduction of “Khaled’s nose and three eyes” movie, in a new way


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The scenario, Tamer Habib, announced for the first time that it will be the scenario for the movie “nose and three eyes”, which will be re-presented at the present time and contracted by the artist Khaled El-Sawy, taken from the novel of the great writer Ihsan Abdel-Quddus, and that is produced by Lagoonie Film Production and Art Factory, is expected to start Filmed during the next period.

Habib affirmed in his program “An Inner Night”, on Energy Radio, 92.1, that rewriting the film at the present time, which was produced in 1972 and directed by Hussein Kamal, and won the director’s award at the National Festival, and was starring Magda, Naglaa Fathi, Mahmoud Yassin Mervat Amin, Salah Mansour, Hamdi Ahmed, will be done in a different and new way from what was presented.

On the other hand, Habib talked during the episode about the great love of the late writer Ihsan Abdul Quddus and said that the first novel he read was “nose and three eyes”, saying: “I consider Abdul Quddus to be one of the most people who influenced me and to be very happy when someone said to you” Ihsan Abdul Quddus Sellers of cinema.

He continued, saying: “Ihsan Abdul Quddus is one of the most writers whose books have been transformed into films and series because of his easy style, his simple description and the very clear drama in his writing.”


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