Tamer Hosni: My Filos Film Exceeds Worldwide Films!


The Egyptian artist, Tamer Hosni, expressed his happiness at the success of his cinematic film (Filos), which he released about a month ago, and achieved great success in Egypt and the Arab world.

Hosni said: (Praise be to God, it is very joyful to have the money film appear in this form in Egypt and the Arab world and distribute it globally these days, which I am most happy with is that the film was released on ordinary days, not a season of films and no holidays, on the contrary, it came down with a period of exams and had international films like it Frozen 2 and Pomegranate for the world The Rock, praise be to God. The film “Filos has surpassed all films in Egypt and the Arab world and achieved a new number in my artistic life”).

He continued: (Although it is a new type of supreme and it may be unexpected from me and it was a great risk for me that I work as a type of this and I know that in people it was expected that I present the same that I presented before this but I am sure I do not repeat myself and I always try to develop myself and Change is very desirable because the repetition is short-lived and I must try to address all tastes and present various forms throughout my trip in the cinema.

He concluded his speech: (It is very hilarious that the film, Filos, distributes my moment globally through the company ceema entertainment, which presents my films to the world very thanks to them, and that the return of my film internationally, which is an Arab film that communicates to the number and is distributed to the world among foreign films and generates revenue of this magnitude is frankly something greater than My dreams, but I strive hard, and may God honor me for the diligence I thank God).


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