Tamer Hosny achieves record revenues with his film “Filos” .. Learn the details


Record revenues achieved The movie, “Al-Flus,” starring Tamer Hosny, Which is currently shown in the role of cinematography, as its revenues reached 30 million pounds inside Egypt, and it is expected that its revenues will increase during the coming days, especially with the approaching of the half-year vacation and the end of exams.

In a related context, the star Tamer Hosni recorded revenues that reached 170 million pounds in the movie “Filos” at the level of the Arab world within just 3 weeks. These figures came because of Tamer’s sweeping popularity in the Arab world, where the star Tamarsi is the most expensive and best-selling star in History of Arab cinema since Omar and Salma movie.

Tamer Hosni had a huge concert last Saturday in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where the concert achieved a mass audience of 40 thousand people, which is a huge number for the concerts of the Kingdom, in addition to the presence of Arab communities who love Tamer Hosni.

He also performed a huge lyric concert in the State of Kuwait last Thursday, which lasted for two hours at the International Exhibition and Convention Center in Kuwait, and presented many of his latest album songs, “Live Longing You”, as well as songs “Kfayak excuses”, and each time, Nasini Leh, and other songs, He was also honored after the ceremony ended amid the cheering of tens of thousands of fans of the generation star there, who kept chanting his songs with him throughout the ceremony, and chanting his name.

It is noteworthy that the star Tamer Hosni is currently presenting his new movie “Al-Flus”, with the stars Khaled Al-Sawy, Zina, Aisha bin Ahmed, Muhammad Salam, in addition to a group of guests of honor, headed by the star Ahmed Al-Saqa, and the star Mai Izz Al-Din, and others, The film, The Story of Tamer Hosny, Screenplay and Dialogue by Mohamed Abdel-Moaty, directed by Said El Marouk.


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