Tanks enter the Kafouri neighborhood in Khartoum, with the end of the deadline set by the army for the rebels (video)


The Sudanese army, on Tuesday evening, reinforced its deployment in the capital, Khartoum, as it deployed tanks as part of its actions to counter the “rebellion” of members of the General Intelligence Service.

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The Sudanese army addresses

The Sudanese army entered several tanks in the Kafouri neighborhood, where the operations headquarters of the intelligence agency are located.

The Kfoury neighborhood witnessed, earlier on Tuesday, an exchange of fire between intelligence agents who refused to hand over the headquarters to the army and security forces.

The reinforcement of the army forces in the area comes close to the end of a 4-hour deadline, which the army gave the rebels to lay down their arms and surrender.

The Sudanese army announced, earlier in the day, a “rebellion” of elements of the Operations Authority of the Intelligence Service in Khartoum, while the authorities closed the airspace over the capital after shooting at the base of the city’s airport grave.

For his part, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk announced that the events in Khartoum are under control, confirming his confidence in the armed forces.

There were exchanges of fire between the military police and the rebel force in 3 separate locations in the capital, Khartoum, including the Kafouri neighborhood and the Soba region in the east, in addition to the former headquarters of these forces east of the capital airport near the Riyadh neighborhood.

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