Tanta coach: I have no explanation for the poor performance against Al-Ahly


Ayman Al-Muzain, coach of the Tanta team, expressed his dissatisfaction after the loss of five clean goals to Al-Ahly in round 13 in the Egyptian Premier League championship at Cairo International Stadium.

In statements to “On Sport” channel, Al-Muzain said: “I have no explanation for the poor performance against Al-Ahly. What happened was a sudden collapse. I don’t understand how we received 4 goals in 12 minutes.”

Al-Ahly scored its first goal in the 11th minute through Hussein Al-Shahat, to return and score 4 consecutive goals in 12 minutes before the end of the match, where he scored electrifying in the 79th and 91st minutes, Ahmed Al-Sheikh in the 81st minute, and Marwan Mohsen in the 89th minute.

Al-Muzayen added: “In the end, losing is a possibility in football, but receiving so many goals is unacceptable, especially for a team the size of Tanta.”

And Al-Muzain ended: “I do not consider that the team suffered a physical collapse at the end of the match to receive 4 goals, our physical condition is good, and we should not receive this amount of goals even in front of a large team like Al-Ahly.”


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