Tanta restricted 3 players before Al-Ahly match, after paying 1,400,000 pounds


Officials paid Tanta Club The debts, whose value amounted to one million and 462 thousand pounds, to the Egyptian Football Association, before the confrontation with Al-Ahly, which is set at seven thirty in the evening in the 13th round of the Premier League at Cairo Stadium.

Tanta succeeded in recording and extracting Al-Mayyarat Karneh for the three players Ahmed Salem Safi, Mahmoud Mansour and Mohamed Asaad.

Tanta Club enters Al-Ahly Club, which occupies the sixteenth place in the ranking table, so it is threatened with relegation due to its distance from the bottom of the arrangement by a difference of only two points, but the performance that appeared in front of Zamalek gives him hope for an attempt to inflict the first loss to Al-Ahly this season despite that task It will not be easy at all.

Ayman Al-Muzain called Tanta coach his players to make the maximum effort against Al-Ahly to try to drop the red team for the first time this season, assuring his players that in the event of surprise, the team will return again to the right path, and the match will be the motivation in the next matches.

Since the start of the season, Al-Ahly achieved the full mark to top the table with 30 points, after its recent victory over Egypt Club with three goals to one goal, which is the tenth victory for Al-Ahly in a row, as the team did not falter in any meeting so far, and only two goals were settled. In a startling start for the defending champion.

Al-Ahly suffers from bulk absences in the face of Tanta due to the injury, headed by Ramadan Sobhi, Hamdi Fathi, Saad Samir, while there are still more than one player who is not fully ready after their return from injury, including the financial iodine Yang, Muhammad Magdi “Qafsha” and Sharif Complimentary.


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