Tariq Al-Aryan traveled to London with Nisreen Tafesh and made Asala


The Syrian artist Asala Nasri has often promoted that she was the one who asked for divorce and stayed away from her husband, director Tariq Al-Arian, and that she was deceived by betrayal that struck her heart.

She rushed to announce the news herself before Tariq was announced, because she still has enough hypocrisy, she may be agonizing and do not deny, but everything that happens with her karma intention when he once thought of betraying her first husband Ayman Al-Dhahabi.

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Certain sources told us the secrets of the relationship of Asala Nasri and her ex-husband Tareq.

Tariq moved away from her after she failed him and let her brother Ahmed and promised them that she would travel to Bahrain to talk about Ahmad’s case and imprisonment, but she completely ignored him and did not stand with him in his ordeal, which disturbed Tariq and moved away from her and the house.

After a while, I learned that he traveled to London with the Syrian actress Nisreen Tafesh, and they spent time alone, and when I knew Asala she was mad, especially that Tariq was not responding to her contacts and preferred to stay away and parting “and thirsty”.

False authenticity, Tariq left and begged him, and he did not answer her communications – photo

Her brother-in-law, her sister-in-law, Amani Bahaa Sabry, tried to intervene between them to resolve the differences and return them to some authenticity that she accepted, but Tariq ignored her and refused to “stop Rasu from it” and from all her malicious and psychological actions.

When we asked the source if she was spending on Tariq’s productions, the source said that she is very stingy, but he got a lot of money through her concert and her program “Soula” and a lot of things, and the millionaire Bahaa Sabri supports him a lot with money when he wants or is unable.


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