Tariq asks to divorce his wife: “You say I considered you dead.”


8:30 a.m.

Tuesday 14 January 2020

I wrote- Fatima Adel:

Tariq, 33, filed a lawsuit before the Family Court in the Fifth Settlement against his wife, Samar A., ​​28, to demand that she divorce her for the harm he had caused, justifying his request: “She told me I considered you dead.”

“Tariq,” the owner of clothes shops, says in his lawsuit: “I met my wife by chance after I had a fight with one of the employees in my own shop, while she was requesting the return of clothes she bought, and from then on she was talking to me on the phone and Facebook, and after a period of reflection ; I applied to her engagement and her family agreed, and during the months of the engagement my wife pretended that she had exchanged the same feelings and emotions to me, and it only took 5 months for the engagement until we moved together.

The husband continues, “During the first year of marriage, she noticed that she wanted to control the home, and she wanted everything to be in her hand. She asked me for constant expenses and many supplies for the house. On the day she forgot to buy some of the things that she asked for, then we quarreled together, until I returned again to buy it in The middle of the night, while on my return, they told me that I considered you already dead .. I serve myself. “

The husband complains about his wife saying: “Some days she leaves the house at ten in the evening, and returns in the morning, and then I know that she went to her family but she never asked for permission from me before she went to her family, and I was waiting for her return and we talk together about what happens, and once and during my admonition to her she spoke with a voice Very high, which led me to beat her and locked her in the room. “

The husband concludes: “She tried a lot to change the way she spoke to me, but she was only convinced by her thinking, and she offered her a divorce in a friendly way because I felt that it was impossible to live with her, but I failed, after her father vehemently refused, all of this while I did not see or talk to her – she was at her father’s house – so she left The situation continued for a long time away from me and her home. “

The husband says that he went to the Family Court in the Fifth Settlement, to file a divorce suit for the harm from her, and she carried No. 630 of 2019, and it is still pending before the court that has not been decided, adding that his wife did not respond to requests to attend.

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