Telegram founder warns against using WhatsApp .. know the details


Pavel Dorforf, founder of the encrypted instant messaging app, Telegram, revealed that there are significant dangers posed by the WhatsApp application to users, as the founder of the Telegram indicated that users often leave unencrypted copies of their messages in the cloud when replacing smartphones, adding that there is a source Another could pose a threat to the messaging secret, which is called “backdoors” as an application deliberately invented by WhatsApp designers to reveal a flaw in the security system.

According to the American economictimes website, according to Dorov, those holes are put by the engineers under the pressure of the security services, where he said that companies camouflage the holes and describe them as dangers that they found suddenly, indicating that “WhatsApp” last year witnessed the finding of 12 such holes, while calling users to need Lack of confidence in applications that have a rudimentary secret code, as is the case in the “WhatsApp” application.

The encrypted instant messaging application “Telegram” has announced a new update for the smart phone and desktop version recently, which provides new options and features that support “artificial intelligence” technologies. The Times News Now noted that the “Telegram” update was provided with a feature The second version of “polls”, which support “machine learning” techniques to give the user more options to participate and express their views, according to the Russian agency Sputnik.

After the update, Telegram offers 3 options for polls, which are: “visual vote”, “multiple answers”, and “test mode.” These options are concerned with giving the user more options to share and express his opinion, rather than just choosing from options Pre-set.


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