The 14th anniversary of the archaeologists .. “Al-Anani”: they played a big role in promoting Egypt before the world


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Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, praised the remarkable effort made by archaeologists and all employees of the Ministry to preserve the history of Egypt and the effects of their country, which is also a heritage for humanity, as the greatest credit is due to them in the accomplishments achieved during the past year from new archaeological discoveries, international exhibitions and projects Mission.

And Al-Enany said – during the Ministry’s celebration of the 14th anniversary of Egyptian archaeologists, at the Grand Theater in the Opera House, the day before yesterday, in the presence of Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Hisham Al-Leithi, Head of the Central Department of Antiquities Registration, and ambassadors of Lithuania, Finland, Belarus, France, and Hungary Austria – Archaeologists have played a major role in promoting Egypt before the world and improving its mental image through the important archaeological works they have carried out and are still doing, noting Egypt’s great interest in tourism and archeology as a single sector, along with financial and economic support The unprecedented Yassi offered by the state, which reflects its sophistication and urbanization, and it sends many messages indicating that it is a strong and stable state.

“Al-Anany” added that one of the most important elements that Egypt distinguishes from the rest of the world’s civilizations is the diverse effects, temporally and qualitatively, through interconnected and interrelated civilizations, and that the integration of “tourism and antiquities” in one ministry will further strengthen the sector through one integrated system, which In turn, it contributes to creating more job opportunities and supporting the national economy, reviewing the measures implemented by the Supreme Council of Antiquities during the past year for its employees to develop its performance, as more than 20 thousand employees were promoted to higher job levels according to the intervening periods, and the completion of the reappointment by qualification The high «leveling» More than 800 employees, and the completion of the 2800 installation of the contractors on the first door, and the implementation of special procedures to amend the form of the contractual door of the sixth «grievances» to 662 employees.

The ceremony program included the presentation of a short movie on the achievements of the Ministry of Antiquities in 2019, artistic shows for ballet, folklore, and the Arab Music Ensemble, in addition to honoring 12 archaeologists and archaeologists, and handing out the Dr. Zahi Hawass Award for Best Archeology and Restoration for the year 2020, which is presented for the second year in a row.

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