The arrest of those accused of killing the “groom” of Dakahlia


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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Books – Alaa Omran:

Dakahliya security forces have arrested those accused of killing a young man who tried to prevent them from stealing a school bag while it was walking on a street in Talkha Center.

Investigations revealed that the accused were unemployed; the first was 27 years old, he was previously accused in 7 cases of theft, and the second was 17 years, he was previously accused in 9 theft cases residing in the department of Talkha Center.

During the investigation, the first suspect admitted to having committed the kidnapping of the school bag, in conjunction with the second accused, using “tuk-tuk”.

The accused added that after he kidnapped the victim’s bag accompanied by his friend, the deceased saw them and chased them independently on a motorbike, and as he approached them and tried to catch them, he pushed him until we could escape, then he lost his balance and fell to the ground, and an unknown car coming in the opposite direction collided, and his commander fled.

He instructed the accused on the victim’s phone seized from the victim, confessing that he had removed the handbag and the papers it contained by dumping it on the public road.

The security forces found the “tuk-tuk” used to commit the incident, and in the face of its owner, he decided that the defendants rented him from him for 130 pounds, denying his knowledge of using the bike to commit the incident.

Investigations identified the car the perpetrator of the collision and its driver, and it turned out that he is a driver, 52 years old, residing in the Talkha district, and by targeting him he was seized and the aforementioned vehicle “a quarter of transportation”, and by confronting him with the confessions of the first suspect, he admitted it, and admitted that he collided with the victim and escaped after that for fear of being caught.

The necessary legal measures were taken and the prosecution took over the investigation.

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