The beginning of electrification, not the coolest, and Sheikh are the biggest gains..Video


Al-Ahly’s assistant coach Sami Qiran shirts confirmed that Al-Ahmar’s performance against Tanta was satisfactory, and he hopes to continue in the same manner.Al-Ahly beat Tanta today 5-0 in the Egyptian Premier League.

T-shirts said in a televised statement to Al-Ahly satellite channel: “Mahmoud Metwally suffered a strong bruise today, beginning and not the most amazing for Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba and his return to scoring he and Hussein Al-Shahat and Marwan Mohsen.

He continued: “The goals give confidence to the players, and Ahmed Sheikh was distinguished today and he kept the ball and took some opportunities, and it is one of the biggest gains of the meeting.”

Sami Qisan talked about facing the upcoming Arab contractors: “He is a very good team and is second in the league and has good skills. We are going step by step and we will prepare for them well.”

He continued: “The coastal star game we will prepare for it well, as a result of the match Platinum 1-1, it was not good and does not satisfy us, but we perform well and have confidence in the players, and we will not fail the fans.”


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