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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Mahmoud Al-Shourbagy:

Today, Tuesday, the courts are witnessing a number of important hearings that occupy the public opinion, and in some cases the court hears pleadings.

(Masrawy) provides the following brief bulletin on the most prominent of these events:

– The trial of 555 accused of the “Sinai State 4” case

Today, Tuesday, the Military Court, sitting in Tora Courts Complex, will consider the trial session of the defendants in case No. 137 military, known in the media as the “Sinai State 4”, in which 555 accused of founding 43 ISIS cluster cells committed 63 crimes in North Sinai.

The Supreme State Security Prosecution previously included cases 79 and 1000 for the year 2017, and referred them to the military judiciary under No. 137 of 2018 North Military Felonies.

Investigations by the prosecution and investigations of the National Security Sector at the Ministry of Interior revealed that the terrorist crimes carried out by the defendants in the case were concentrated in North Sinai, in addition to the leaders and cadres of the group with the leaders of “ISIS” in the countries of Iraq and Syria permanently and continuously, and that a number of members of the group joined In ISIS camps in Syria to receive training in the use of weapons and explosives, to gain field experience in guerrilla wars and street fighting, and to return to Egypt to carry out hostilities against the state, its institutions, and its citizens.

The trial of 16 accused of joining the “Al-Nusra Front Organization”

Cairo Criminal Court and the Supreme State Security Emergency, sitting in Tora, today, Tuesday, hear the trial of 16 accused in the case known in the media as “the organization of Jabhat al-Nusra.”

The session will be chaired by Counselor Mohamed Saeed El-Sherbiny, membership of Advisors, Wagdy Abdel-Moneim, Dr. Ali Emara, Secretariat of Ahmed Mostafa, Mohamed El-Gamal and Gamal Ahmed.

The Supreme State Security Prosecution had ordered the referral of 16 accused to the Emergency Supreme State Security Criminal Court, which is competent in the Cairo Appeals Court Chamber, as well as the arrest of the fugitive defendants in the case, who were the first accused and the accused from 13 to 16.

Trial of a mother accused of beating her son in Talbiyah

Today, Tuesday, the Giza Court is considering the trial session of the mother accused of beating her son in the Talbieh area, a crime against his father.

The Public Prosecutor had previously ordered the release of the mother, “Tahani Ihsan”, to ensure her residence, and handed the child over to the mother’s sister until she was presented to a center to assess her behavior.

On December 13, the Attorney General, Counselor Hamada El-Sawy, ordered the Faculty of Southern Giza Prosecution to investigate the monitoring and analysis of the monitoring and publishing unit of a videotape on social media for a woman battering a child and beating him in his father.

The prosecution stated in a statement – at the time – that it had contacted the child’s father and summoned him and was still listening to his statements, while a team of the prosecution immediately moved to the residence of the victim, as instructed by his father in the Talbiyah area in Giza.

Retrial of 6 accused of burning the “Kafr Hakim” church

The first branch, Terrorism, held at the Police Academy, today, Tuesday, completes a retrial session of 6 accused in the case known to the media “burning the church of Kafr Hakim” in Kerdasa.

The session will be held under the chairmanship of Counselor Mohamed Sherine Fahmy, and membership of Counselor Raafat Zaki, Counselor Hassan Al-Sayes, and Secretariat of Hamdi Abdel-Tawab.

The defendants who repeat their trial procedures are: “Abdul Raouf. N”, “Saeed. Y”, “Hossam. A”, “Sharif. S.”, “Yasser S.”, “Tareq. E.”

The prosecution charged the defendants with charges of committing crimes of joining a group established in contravention of the provisions of the law and the constitution, obtaining firearms and ammunition, attempting to kill, as well as intentionally setting fire to a religious facility, cutting the public road in front of the public transport traffic, and resisting the authorities.

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