The cases of expelling 3 players from Egypt Club against Pyramids are correct


Former international referee Ahmed El-Shenawy confirmed that cases Three players were expelled from FC Egypt By the Pyramids match that was held yesterday evening, Wednesday, andTariq Majdi was moderated by arbitration after witnessing widespread controversy.

“Al-Shennawi” said, in televised comments to “On Sport” satellite channel, “There was an error on the Pyramids player, but the referee calculated the error on the FC Egypt player, but he gave him an unpaid yellow card, andFC dismissal of Egypt on second warning was correct. “

“The 3 expulsions are due, and certainly there were irresponsible actions by the players and they passed,” he said.

It is noteworthy that Abdel Nasser Mohamed attacked the referee of the match after the meeting, confirming that the referee’s complaint to the Football Association is still under study.


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