The coastal star is in trouble in front of Al-Ahly … a lone guard with the mission and alternative housing


Facing the Spanish Juan Carlos Jarredo, technical director of the Tunisian coastal star team, Great crisis in the goalkeeping center before the difficult confrontation it is facing against Al-Ahly, next Sunday evening at Al-Salam stadium, within the competitions of the fifth and penultimate round of the group stage of the African Champions League in the current season, where the mission of “Jewel of the Coast” is scheduled to arrive on Friday To Cairo with a lone guard.

The newspaper “Tunis Digital” stated that Jarrido suffers from the presence of a single guard available in the face of Al-Ahly, the substitute goalkeeper Ashraf Karir, due to the suspension of the main guard, Makram Al-Badiri, because he obtained the red card in the last confrontation against the Sudanese Crescent that was held in the fourth round.

The newspaper added that the coastal star cannot be relied on by the third guard, Walid Kreidan, who is on the African list after he underwent ligament surgery.

The newspaper pointed out that the technical staff led by Jarrido began to equip midfielder Ihab Al-Masaken with special goalkeeping exercises in anticipation of any contingencies during the confrontation with Al-Ahly, after he took up the defense of the team’s den in the last minutes before the Sudanese Crescent after the expulsion of Al-Badri.

On the other hand, the first football team of Al-Ahly Club will resume its training today, Wednesday, in preparation for the confrontation of the Tunisian coastal star scheduled for next Sunday, and gave the technical staff of the team, led by Swiss, Rene Fyler, a negative comfort for the past two days, to catch breaths before returning to training tomorrow; Tunisia.

The Football Association received approval from the security authorities to attend 10,000 fans in the Al-Ahly match against the coastal star, and the Swiss coach Rene Filer, the technical manager of the first football team in the Al-Ahly club, set a special physical and technical program for Senegalese Alio Badji, the new team striker, and asked “Fyler” from Thomas Pinkel, loads planner, set up a special program for “Badji” to implement it over five days, before organizing in the group training for Al Ahly, and the technical staff led by Vyler seeks to physically and technically prepare Badji for his entry into team training and participating in matches with the team.


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