The cold killed them .. The discovery of the death of 5 workers a week later in their October room – accidents


Inside a two-square-meter room in two meters, the life of 5 youths is over, in an under construction property in 6th of October City, in the Department of the Third District of October.

A week ago from now .. It was very cold .. The five friends, including two brothers, finished their hard work for a cleaning company in the 6th of October city.

The clock was pointing to seven in the evening last Friday, and they began to return one by one to a room of an area not exceeding 3 meters, in a residential property .. The number was completed .. the weather is very cold, they suggested collecting a quantity of wood setting fire to it for heating.

It was eight oclock, one of the youths tightened the door of the room … the heating fires started, and the fires started to fade … and the smoke filled the room, the five felt warm, and after a long conversation between them they fell asleep … and the fires are still burning, and the smoke in the room is thick, and that was an evening Al-Samar is the last in the life of the five friends .. And they breathed their last breath, suffocated by smoke while they slept.

They died before meeting their families, who resided in the Juhayna Center in Sohag Governorate, they died after they had invited them days before the death to go to work in a private cleaning company, in exchange for 50 pounds per person, they did not return to their families as they returned … they returned their bodies, and they were buried in graves Their families in Sohag.

The investigations of the security services, which took place under the supervision of Major General Tariq Marzouq, First Assistant Minister of the Interior for the Giza Security Sector, and Major General Mahmoud al-Sabili, Director of the General Department of Investigations, explained that after the forces discussed the families of the victims and their workers, and a number of electrical workers who discovered the incident.

The investigations and investigations that took place under the command of Major General Medhat Fares, Deputy Director of the General Department of Investigations, Colonel Taha Fouda, head of the October Sector Investigator, and Colonel Fawzi Amer, Inspector of October Investigation, and Major Hani Imad, head of the Third Investigation Department, confirmed that the death had taken place about a week ago, and the forces had found the belongings of the person For the dead, the Public Prosecutor was notified, and she moved to conduct a preview and debate of the corpse, showing that there were no apparent injuries, indicating the absence of criminal suspicions, and the Public Prosecution announced the burial of the deceased, and requested investigations of the investigations into the incident, and investigations are continuing.

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