The commander of the Turkish forces in Libya … met the owner of the black claw



After Ankara decided to send its forces to Libya, there were many rumors about the military figure who would take over Turkish forces in Libya Before Turkish media recently disclosed the name of this character, Colonel Khalil Sweissel.

Well-informed Turkish sources confirmed that Brigadier-General Suwaisel took command of operations in Libya, and he is a well-known officer in the Turkish armed forces, who took command of the Sirnak infantry division, preferring the tactic of the “falcon” in its military operations, a designation followed in some units of the Turkish army, and in some other units called His tactics are “black claw”.

Who is Sweissel?

The year 2013 witnessed the promotion of the Colonel in the artillery, at the time, Khalil Suwaisel, to the rank of Brigadier General while he was heading the garrison of the city of Siirt.

In 2015 a decision was issued by the Supreme Military Council appointing him to the Special Forces Command for the General Staff, and then he served as Commander of the Special Forces 3rd Brigade in Siirt.

He was assigned to three assignments as Commander of the Special Forces brigade there, who worked in northern Iraq.

Contributed to what was described as the “July 2016 coup” in Turkey.

 Turkish leader Khalil Sweissel
Turkish leader Khalil Sweissel

He also took charge of the Euphrates Shield operation in 2016 with senior commanders of the Turkish army.

In addition, Turkish media revealed that he was training Syrian armed factions loyal to Turkey in northern Syria.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish Defense Minister, announced on Wednesday, that a Turkish team to train the militias of the Al-Wefaq government headed by Fayez al-Sarraj, which is fighting against the Libyan army forces led by Khalifa Hifter, is currently in Libya.

2000 Syrian fighters to Libya

Meanwhile, the Guardian newspaper reported in a detailed report on Wednesday that … Two thousand Syrian fighters who traveled from Turkey to Libya, To participate in the battlefields, in an unprecedented development threatening to further complicate the situation in Libya.

The British newspaper pointed out that on last December 24, Turkey deployed 300 fighters from the pro-Turkish factions in Syria, and that they left the Syrian territories to Turkey via the “Hoor Kals” military border crossing, then to the Libyan capital Tripoli, where they were sent to confrontation sites east of the city, Then, on December 29, another 350 fighters traveled.

Elements of the Syrian factions loyal to Turkey
Elements of the Syrian factions loyal to Turkey

It also stated that on January 5, 1,350 fighters crossed into Turkey, some of whom had traveled to Libya, while others were still receiving training in camps in southern Turkey.

She added that the Syrian fighters are expected to gather under a banner named “Omar Al-Mukhtar”.

In addition, it considered that the figures are much higher than most previous estimates.

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