The Competitions Committee presses Al-Ahly … two games for Al-Ahmar in 72 hours


The Competitions Department of the Egyptian Football Association announced the postponement of some matches of the 15th and 16th rounds of the Premier League competition based on the amendments made by the African Football Confederation and the Arab Football Association on the dates of the matches that Egyptian clubs participate in the African and Arab championships.

The Competitions Department pressed Al-Ahly team by deciding to face the Enppi team in the 15th round of the League Championship on Wednesday, January 22nd, at Cairo Stadium at 7.30 am, although Al-Ahly will face the Arab contractors next Sunday.

Al-Ahly will play two games within 72 hours only, as Arab contractors face next Sunday in round 14 matches, then Enby on Wednesday in round 15.

The Competition Department also announced the modification of some matches as follows:

Round 15:

Ismailia and Military Production: 5 pm Thursday, January 30 in Ismailia Stadium.

Alexandria Union and Smouha: 7:30 pm Thursday, January 30 in Alexandria Stadium.

Round 16:

Aswan and Ismailia: 2:30 pm on Monday, February 3 in Aswan Stadium.

Military production with the Alexandrian Federation: 5 pm Monday, February 3 in the Peace Stadium.

While it was decided to hold a match for FC Egypt with Pyramids scheduled for January 29 at 7:30 p.m. instead of five after it cleared the same day of several matches as a result of moving its dates, and to provide an opportunity for viewers to follow my two matches that day (FC Egypt And Pyramids / Al Masry and El Gouna)

The CAF notified Al-Ahly club of delaying the coastal star’s confrontation for 48 hours, so that the meeting will be held on January 26th at the Al-Ahly Stadium in Al-Salam.

Mohamed Morgan, the CEO of Al-Ahly Club, said that CAF had notified the club of postponing the Al-Ahly and Al-Sahel star match that was scheduled for the 24th of this month in the fifth round of the group stage until the 26th of the same month.


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