The confessions of the accused of killing his wife in Marj: She compared me to my drivers, so I considered them an insult


Mamdouh Hassan:

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Tuesday 14 January 2020 – 8:31 PM
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Tuesday 14 January 2020 – 8:57 PM

“I killed my kitchen knife times, exited my room from a window overlooking the apartment hall, after my wife closed the door with the key, and I found her sitting with my driver, and I hit him with the hand of the broom and ran away, while my wife was trying to escape from the apartment, she stabbed her in the neck from the back, so she died Moments later, “the confessions of the contractor before the prosecution began killing his wife on the lawn.The opposition judge in the Misdemeanor Court, had renewed the imprisonment (contractor – 15 days) pending investigations, accusing him of killing his wife in the area of ​​Marg.

The incident was revealed when Major General Nabil Salim, director of the Capital Investigation Department received a notification from Lt. Col. Ibrahim Salim, head of the Investigation Department of the Marj Police Department, a notification from a contractor, that he discovered his wife was killed, and the security forces immediately moved and found the body lying in bed in their bedroom in the apartment, with a stab wound to the neck from the right side He was arrested and detained by the prosecution pending investigations.

The contractor accused of killing his wife admitted in front of the prosecution, saying: “The drivers told me of your belongings, I am more clean than you, and I stumble from you. This is a respectable man. I did not hold myself and struck her on her face. When I tried to escape from the apartment, I ran to the kitchen, grabbed the knife and stabbed her in the neck and fell to the ground in a pool Of blood, and when I tried to save her, I found her dying, and she taught her martyrdom, while she looked at me, a look that was full of sorrow, remorse, revenge, and she died on the spot. ”

The accused added: “I took her to bed and left her for some time, and I thought about getting out of the dilemma by making up a fake story. When the chief of the detective came to the apartment, I told him that my wife went out and upon her return I heard a distress from her. Flee on the run. ”

He continued: “I was surprised by the chief of the detective, laughing and repeating the question to me. You killed her how? And I repeated the question several times, and I told him the truth, that I was asleep in my room and I heard a whisper in the apartment hall, and when I tried to go out I found out that the room closed on me with the key from the outside, and this raised my ire of what My wife does it, and when I went out and found her in her full clothes and I learned from her that she was asking my driver about the architectural work that I do. ”

He continued: “Despite the suspicions that were inside me, I calmed down for some time, and the silence increased between us for more than an hour, and as soon as I said to her” I want a cup of tea? The volcano berserk burst “, and my wife began to” listen “to the dictionary of insults and insults, I left her and tried to go out until she calm down The storm, but it continued to cause insults and compared me to my driver and considered it an insult to me, by admiring him as a person without realizing that I am her husband, and the matter developed into tangled hands until she ended up killing her with a kitchen knife. ”

The accused added: “I regret my crime and did not imagine that the fate of my life in prison be this fast and the sad end that I did not expect due to the mistake of my wife.”

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