The Daesh da’is enforce their laws … death for the offender


Source: Arabic.Net – Joan Suz

The security situation is getting more and more worse in Al-Houl camp located in the Syrian countryside of Hasaka, with the increase in cases of intentional killing by some extremists from the wives of ISIS detainees detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces, which constitutes a threat to the lives of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi civilians who live In this camp.

Local security authorities impose strict restrictions on residents of Al-Houl for fear of increased assassinations that have been repeated for some time.

Since the beginning of this year, three people have been killed in the camp in mysterious circumstances, according to what security sources in the camp told Al-Arabiya Net.

They killed her by suffocation .. The reason is her clothes!

The three victims are Iraqi nationals, including a woman, who was killed last week, for “her lack of commitment to the laws of jihadists” in the camp, according to a security official told “Al”

The official added, “This Iraqi woman was killed by suffocation because she did not wear the legal dress, which angered jihadists in the camp, and they killed her as a result.”

With the recent large-scale Turkish attack on Syrian areas bordering Turkey and under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces last October, cases of intentional killing in Al-Hawl camp increased significantly, especially since the number of security forces personnel in the camp decreased after some of them participated in the fighting Against the Turkish army and the Syrian groups loyal to him.

From Al-Hol camp (AFP)
From Al-Hol camp (AFP)
Dreaming of a return to “caliphate”

According to administrators in Al-Hol camp, the reduction in the number of security personnel in the camp, along with the withdrawal of international organizations from it with the Turkish attack, caused an increase in the number of assassinations, especially as large numbers of ISIS dream of returning to the alleged “caliphate” again.

In addition, camp administrators describe the situation as “catastrophic”. Some say that “many women and civilian children entered the camp when it was leading democratic Syria, the last of its battles against ISIS, close to their villages.” They point out that “in the first months of these young women and children in the camp, we did not notice any manifestations of militancy and extremism against them. The women were not wearing legal uniforms, they were moderate, but over time many of them were influenced by the ideas of the extremists who lived with them in the camp.”

From Al-Hol camp (AFP)
From Al-Hol camp (AFP)
Murder for the offense!

According to administrative officials in Al-Hol camp, ISIS crimes are repeated in the camp from time to time, as they try to kill or punish any woman who does not abide by their teachings, such as wearing Islamic dress and abiding by prayer and its timing.

These women commit willful killing in a number of ways, including strangulation or the use of knives and other sharp tools.

In addition, local officials are calling for some international bodies and organizations to rehabilitate Al-Hol camp women and children, to reintegrate them into their societies.

It is noteworthy that tens of thousands of ISIS reside in the horror with others, and they all exceed more than 70,000, and they come from various European, Arab, Asian, American, and Canadian nationalities.

From Al-Hol camp (AFP)
From Al-Hol camp (AFP)

The security authorities in the camp prevent the female jihadists from leaving, while only allowing Syrian and Iraqi civilians to leave the camp.

The section in which the ISIS camp is located is called the “migrant section”. Democratic Syria demands that they be returned to their countries, but so far these countries have only worked to return dozens of them.

The local authorities controlling Al-Hol camp are cooperating with some of the elders and elders of the Arab tribes in north and northeastern Syria, to return Syrian women to their areas with their children, and these authorities allow every few months to leave a batch of them.

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