The daring sun … The latest appearance of the retired singer Hanan, in the company of Amr Saad, the free female


Shaima Fawzy, the free artist Amr Saad, shared her audience by publishing a photo she collected with “Hanan”, the retired artist through her account on the personal website “Instagram”.Commenting on the photo, she said: “With her love for the beautiful singer Hanan,” The Daring Sun “, think about it !! The morning of the Daring Sun.”

Hanan presented a collection of songs and albums individually, including “Rayaqa, Al-Basma, Banauta, Helwa”, and other works.

She also collaborated with the artist Hamid El Shaery and achieved great success with him in the album “El Basma”, and they continued their cooperation in the albums of “Raika”, “Tastahl” and “Bahbak”, where he distributed the entire music of these albums and composed many of her songs.


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