The date of the match between Al-Masry and Nouadhibou of Mauritania today, Sunday 26/1/2020, at the Confederation


Hosting The Egyptian Port Said His Mauritanian counterpart Nouadhibou at the Alexandria Stadium, in the fifth round matches of the first group of the group stage in the seventeenth edition of the African Confederation Championship, the match that the Port Said team enters in search of correcting the African track and won the card to qualify for the semi-finals of the tournament accompanied by the Pyramids team which officially guaranteed the rise.

The date of the match between the Egyptian Port Said and Nouadhibou of Mauritania

The match between Al-Masry Al-Portaidi and Nouadhibou of Mauritania will be held at nine in the evening Sunday, and the Mauritanian champion will stick to the last hope, as he seeks to win today’s match and the last round match to collect the second qualification card for this group.

The arrangement of the Egyptian group in the Confederation

Pyramids tops this group with 12 points, the Egyptian Port Said came in second with 6 points, while Nigerian Rangers and Nouadhibou of Mauritania are in third and fourth, each with two points.

Scenarios of the Egyptian Port Said qualification in the Confederation

Despite the fall of Al-Masry in the last two games by losing from Pyramids (2-1) and (2-0) in order, the Port Said team has the opportunity to qualify for the next round, especially after each of the Nigerian Ingo Rangers and FC Nouadhibou of Mauritania tied with a goal for each team and the Port Said team needs to win In order to formally climb up before the last round of the tournament.

Moroccan jury for the match Al-Masry and Nouadhibou

The CAF Referees Committee assigned the match “Al Kif” to the Egyptian match and his guest, Nouadhibou of Mauritania, to a Moroccan international arbitration team led by the referee of the arena, Karim Sabry, and with him Hisham Ait Abu, “First Referee Assistant”, Youssef Mabrouk, “Second Referee Assistant”, in addition to the fourth referee Samir Kazaz, while Tunisian Boussiri Buglil will assume the duties of the match observer, while the media Mustafa Tantawy will perform the tasks of the media coordinator of the match, while the task of the general coordinator of the match was assigned to the Sudanese Issam Shaaban, and Nigerian Oki Silvanes Obi will act as the security coordinator for the match.


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