The death of Egyptian artist Ibrahim Farah


The death of Egyptian artist Ibrahim Farah



The well-known Egyptian artist Ibrahim Farah died in a hospital in Mohandessin after a struggle with the disease, as his health deteriorated during the past days.

The death of Egyptian artist Ibrahim FarahEgyptian artist Ibrahim Farah

According to the Egyptian media, the funeral prayer will be held after the afternoon at the Sayyid Psychic Mosque, and the date of the funeral has not been decided yet.

The artist Ibrahim Farah presented a set of influential roles that left a clear imprint on these works, including the personality of “Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Sufi Al-Sudani”, which Farah presented in the series “Al-Khawaja Abdul Qadir” with the great artist Yahya Al-Fakhrani. He also presented several important roles in the series: “Sheikh The Arabs are Hammam, “Kafr Delhab”, “The Sweetness of the World”, “Sunset Oasis” and “Al-Zibak”.

In a related context, the funeral of the great artist Magda Al-Sabahi was held at Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque in Mohandessin.

The great artist Magda Al-Sabahi died on Thursday at the age of 89.

Source: Egyptian media


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