The death of the first case of “H1N1” influenza in Assiut


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A housewife, in her sixth decade, Wednesday, breathed her last breath in the chest hospital in Assiut, after suffering from influenza «H1N1».

The Assiut Health Directorate had received a notification from the Chest Diseases Hospital of the death of the “Moderation. R.” 51 years old, Tama Center, after she had the seasonal flu “H1N1” after entering intensive care 6 hours ago.

The case was in intensive care at Al-Iman General Hospital on January 4, suffering from a sudden rise in body temperature, coughing, and examination showing that it had seasonal influenza “H1N1”.

She was detained in intensive care at the hospital for treatment, and due to the deterioration of her health, she was transferred to the intensive care hospital in Chest Diseases and she died 6 hours after entering the hospital.

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