The death of the first case of “H1N1” influenza in Assiut


A housewife in her sixth decade died in the chest hospital in Assiut, after suffering from seasonal flu.H1N1The Assiut Health Directorate had received a notification from the Chest Diseases Hospital of the death of “Moderation. R.”, 51, after she had been diagnosed with seasonal influenza 6 hours after she entered intensive care.

The case was in intensive care at Al-Iman General Hospital on January 4, and it suffers from a sudden rise in body temperature and a cough, and by examination it was revealed that she had seasonal flu.H1N1“Immediately, she was detained in intensive care at the hospital for treatment, and because of the deterioration of her health, she was transferred to the intensive care hospital chest, and she died 6 hours after entering the hospital.

The Ministry of Health announced a series of important preventive measures that must be followed to limit the spread of seasonal influenza and its various complications that negatively affect public health, and the Ministry of Health and Population said that it is possible to contract influenza by maintaining a distance of at least 1 meter between you and the person with the flu Keep away from crowded places as possible.

The Ministry of Health called for refraining from contact with the nose and mouth without washing hands, in addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the hands, by washing them with running water and soap or rubbing them with alcoholic handwashing, especially in case of contact with the nose and mouth or in contact with surfaces that may be contaminated.

The Ministry of Health and Population confirmed the availability of influenza vaccine in health offices for all adults and children, and the Ministry of Health confirmed that there is no health for the lack of the vaccine, stressing the availability of all medical vaccines in all hospitals; and that the strategic stock of influenza vaccine is reassuring and sufficient for 6 months.


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