The deaths of hundreds of birds is no longer a mystery


British authorities said they were able to solve the mystery of the deaths of hundreds of “starling” birds in last December, after a government environmental agency concluded results that were considered surprising.

And Sky News reported on Friday that the authorities believed that the ‘starling’ birds were trying to avoid birds of prey, which led to their confusion and fall to the ground.

Hundreds of starlings died in early December on the far northwest of England, Anglesey, and the dead animals were distributed over a distance of about 100 meters.

Initially, the police said it was a mystery, but after investigation and the dissection of the dead animals the most likely cause became clear. The Animal and Plant Health Agency concluded, after examining the dead birds, that it had experienced a “shock” many times, and suffered internal bleeding after hitting the ground.

Officer Rob Taylor said that the police have not yet received the final results of the poison examination, but are “certain about the cause of bird death.”

These birds were migrating from Lithuania, which means they traveled 1,662 kilometers to die in Britain.

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