The doctors apologized, and the ministry threatened: “Who will not come, will you change?”


Maher Abdel-Sabour

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Thursday, January 16, 2020 – 3:15 PM
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Thursday, January 16, 2020 – 3:15 PM

# Adequacy of death from the Minya sons .. The Dawn train to Cairo is due .. The pages of the Minya children, on social media, should be returned to protest against the accident of Minya doctors, who witnessed the death and injury of 20 female doctors, from the 2017 batch, due to the lack of a safe means of transportation , And the absence of the Minya train since 2010, on the pretext of development.

Magdi Zanati, spokesman for the Bandar Al-Minya Sons Association, said: “We mourn the dead women doctors in the accident of the road of death (creams), and we call for the speedy recovery of the injured, and may our family be patient with all of them.”

Zanati adds: “Because when we asked for the return of the dawn train from Minya, no one asked about us, and we made pressure to return, but there is no life for those who call, and the people of the regions do not know that we are going to save all our affairs in Cairo and walk around the ministries, what is the summit of reaction and backwardness?” “.

He continued: “The Ministry informed that the Minya doctors came a day before them, and they did not provide them with any means of transportation, other than a septic van for respected doctors, until they would not be booked on the train, and they were supposed to move at 3 am.”

He continued: “He was in a solution by setting up a conference and training on breast cancer screening in Minya, and we provide doctors with a wasted travel to Cairo, and not because the ministry takes the shot?” The strange thing is that Minya has a training conference to examine breast cancer, but it is done for Fayoum doctors! He says.

Zanati explains: “The worst thing is that when the female doctors apologized and asked to postpone, or conduct training in their province, the Ministry’s response was that they threatened them,” who will not apologize or will not come, and they will be transferred out of their workplace near to their homes, and they will be incomplete and change, uh, God.

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