The dollar at 14.30 .. An economist of foreign currencies is in a steady decline against the pound .. Video


The economist, Dr. Mostafa Badra, said that after 2011, many investment sectors witnessed a very significant decline, noting that monetary policy was exploited in the black market, as it branched out very much, and there was a great exploitation of traders to the Egyptian people.

The economist added, during a phone call to the Sabah Al-Balad program broadcast on Sada Al-Balad satellite channel, today, Thursday, that the economic reform program was aimed at eliminating the black market and returning the correct path toFor foreign currency Central Bank, so the exchange rate was liberalized in November 2016.

He continued that the economic reform program is bearing fruit in those days, stressing that inflation is noticeable and declining foreign currency All, indicating a drop is expected dollar price To 14.30 pounds during the end of the year.

He pointed out that the expectation is based on other economic results, including increasing tourism and increasing direct and indirect foreign investments in Egypt, pointing out that Egypt has become one of the most attractive countries for tourism in the Middle East.

And he added that the Prime Minister has become tolerant of the file attracting tourism in Egypt and reviews all the achievements and challenges to investment in order to be removed to encourage tourism and investment in Egypt.

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