The Egyptian army is conducting exercises near the Libyan border


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

The Egyptian army conducted exercises within the “Qadeer 2020” exercise, along the western borders and the Mediterranean coast.

Colonel Tamer Al-Rifai, the Egyptian military spokesman, said that the Western Military Region forces carried out a number of activities along the land and coastal borders in cooperation with the main branches of the armed forces and the border guards, where the levels of combat readiness for military formations and bases were raised with the implementation of the strategic opening plan for the elements of the western region On all axes and directions.

He stated that the forces have implemented many tactical projects with live ammunition with the participation of the air force, air defense, and secure marine and land coasts, the navy and the border guards, adding that the paratroop forces carried out a number of training activities that included raising the levels of readiness and loading a parachute battalion by a number of transport planes of various models, And the implementation of an air justification for a parachute unit by a number of helicopters and assigned to the task of eliminating hostile elements and securing landing areas and achieving correspondence with friendly forces, as well as shooting down free jump elements by a shinook helicopter stationed on a carrier surface Helicopters and Mistral model charged with the task of securing the beach head.

He added that the Border Guard forces, in cooperation with the Air Force, secured the Egyptian borders and coasts, and implemented a number of activities that included thwarting an illegal immigration attempt across the Mediterranean coast, as well as addressing attempts to infiltrate and smuggle across the western land border line and tightening insurance procedures on all land and coastal borders.

The military spokesman indicated that within the framework of the implementation of its tasks by providing air protection for the forces and vital targets and to assist in the fighting activities of the main branches and tactical formations and the implementation of the air control tasks for the borders, it has re-positioned its aircraft of various models and from various military bases to provide air protection for all elements involved in the maneuver 2020 “on various directions.

He stated that the Air Force carried out a number of reconnaissance missions, providing firefighting assistance to the elements participating in full coordination with the Air Defense Forces and assisting the navy during the implementation of its missions to secure economic interests in the Bahrain Red and Mediterranean theater of operations.

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