The Egyptian Foreign Ministry summons the Turkish Charge d’Affairs


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On Thursday, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish Charge d’Affairs to charge The Anatolian Cell.

The Turkish authorities have launched a campaign against Egypt, due to the arrest of Anatolia correspondents, and the Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the Egyptian Charge d’Affairs to inquire about him about the reason for the raid on the agency’s headquarters and the seizure of its members in Egypt.

Earlier today, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry criticized the statements of Turkish officials after the Egyptian authorities seized an electronic media cell, supported by Turkey, working for the Anatolia Agency under the cover of a research center. It is mentioned that the Egyptian authorities closed the agency’s office in Egypt years ago due to the tense relations between the two countries and criticism of the Turkish President For Egypt.

Brotherhood cover

For his part, the advisor, Ahmed Hafez, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed Egypt’s rejection, in whole and in detail, of what was stated in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey and other Turkish statements about the legal measures taken by the Egyptian authorities in dealing with one of the illegal Turkish electronic media committees in Egypt.

He said that the committee worked under the cover of a company founded by elements of the Muslim Brotherhood with the support of Turkey, from publishing false and fabricated information about the political, economic, security and legal conditions in Egypt, and sending them to Turkey, in an attempt to distort the country’s image internally and internationally.

In addition, the Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that all the measures taken by the Egyptian authorities in this regard were carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in dealing with such anomalies and outside the law.

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