The Egyptian league ranking table after Al-Ahly beat Tanta by five


Under the leadership of Rene Feiler, Al-Ahly team continues its good results in the league championship by reaching the 11th consecutive victory and reaching point 33 after winning the Tanta team in the 13th round of the local championship, the match that took place at Cairo Stadium.

Al-Ahly’s last victory over the Tanta team came with five-point cleans through Hussein Al-Shahat.

Al-Ahly’s access to 33 points prompted him to continue to top the league standings after 11 games, beating Arab Contractors, who came second with 29 points.

The league table was arranged as follows:

First place from 11 games .. Al-Ahly with 33 points

Second place from 13 games .. Arab Contractors 29 points

Third place from 12 games … Zamalek, 24 points

Fourth place out of 12 games .. Al-Ittihad of Alexandria with 21 points

Fifth place from 12 games .. Pyramids with 19 points

Al-Ahly will face the Arab Contractors team next Sunday in the 14th round of the League Championship, then face the coastal star in a decisive meeting on January 26.


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