The Epic Games store continues to provide free games throughout 2020 to attract users


The Epic Games Store has faced a challenge in attracting the attention of players since its launch in 2018, while its persistent insistence on maintaining privacy, as well as its relative immaturity compared to the likes of Steam, has led to complaints from all sides, but at the same time the store has finally got An acceptable number of users, which is what prompted the platform to announce that it will continue its free weekly games program throughout 2020, which means that users can get and keep free games.

According to the American engadget website, the latest statistics from Epic show that it is booming positively, as the Epic Games Store now includes 108 million personal computer customers, spending a total of 680 million dollars, and of course a wide range of exclusive offers helped raise the level of its image as well.

It is reported that Epic Games announced earlier the removal of all series of Infinity Blade games from the application store, and the company said: “We strive to put players in the first place and provide a supportive and integrated experience in every game we publish, and with the development of Spyjinx and other projects, it has become difficult Our team must support the Infinity Blade series at a level that meets our criteria. “

Epic Games launched the Infinity Blade Stickers app, which is available for free, as a thank-you message to all players who have supported its games over the years.


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