The European Union launches a strong attack on Turkey .. and warns against this


European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, on Tuesday evening, charged To Turkey Concerning her military intervention in the Libyan conflict.During a discussion in European Parliament In Strasbourg, Borrell denounced Ankaras actions, accusing it of “military engagement” in Libya By sending “weapons and mercenaries”.

He continued: “There are more and more weapons and mercenaries. We can no longer say that in Libya A war without fighters, “stressing:” Things in Libya get out of hand. ”

Borrell called on Europeans to “overcome their divisions” and to engage more in finding a solution to end the conflict in Libya, Warning that “if the situation deteriorates, hundreds of thousands of people who live and work in Libya may move to Europe.”

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On Tuesday, the international community’s efforts to find a solution to the Libyan conflict multiplied, and Moscow spoke of extending an armistice “for an indefinite period”, while Germany announced the holding of an international conference in Berlin on Sunday.The head of European diplomacy expressed his hope that the international conference to be held in Berlin on Sunday would lead to a solution Of the Libyan conflict.

For its part, the Ministry of Defense announced Russian The most important outcome of the talks on Libya hosted by Moscow on Monday is the agreement of the parties to the conflict to extend the cessation of hostilities in the country without a specific time limit.

She explained, “The most important result of the meeting is that the two conflicting parties reach an initial agreement to support and extend the cessation of hostilities system without a specific time limit, which provides better conditions for holding the Berlin Conference on Libya.

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