The fact that Youssef, son of the preacher Ahmed Deedat, was killed by a bullet to the head


The South African newspaper “The Independent Online” quoted the country’s police, denying the validity of the rumors being circulated about the killing of Youssef, son of the Islamic preacher Ahmed Deedat, after he was subjected to an assassination attempt with a bullet to the head.South African media reported that Yusuf, the son of the Islamic preacher Ahmed Deedat, had been shot outside the Verulam court in South Africa last Tuesday.

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Colonel Thimpika Mbele of the KwaZulu-Natal Police in South Africa said that Youssef Deedat was still alive after he was taken to hospital after he was shot at his head outside the court.

Mabele added that Deedat “65 years old and his wife were walking last Tuesday morning at 8:30 when an unknown person opened fire, wounding the victim in the Ras area.”

Mabele indicated that the victim was taken to hospital and the shooter “moved away from the area to an unknown destination.”

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