The family separated them and combined them with suicide … revealed the secrets of the suicide of Romeo and Juliet Kafr El-Sheikh


Mohammed Nassar

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Tuesday 14 January 2020 – 11:55 p
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Tuesday 14 January 2020 – 12:44 PM

Kafr El-Sheikh Investigations revealed the story of the suicide of a young man and a girl in Kafr El-Sheikh, in just two days at the Baltim Center, after the parents separated them, and they were combined with love by choosing to commit suicide, and perpetuating their story, such as Romeo and Juliet.

Major General Mahmoud Hassan, Director of Kafr El-Sheikh Security, received a notification from the Commissioner of the Baltim Police Station, stating that (Samir – 25 years) has arrived at the hospital, he suffers from a suspected poisoning, and the doctors tried to save him but his health condition deteriorated, and during his transfer to the Poison Institute in Alexandria, he was killed A report of the incident was issued, and the Public Prosecution office was notified to conduct investigations, and the body was deposited with the morgue of the Baltim Central Hospital at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, which commissioned the investigations of the Baltim Center to investigate the incident.

The director of security ordered an intensification of the search for the causes of the suicide situation, and after searching and investigating and asking the families and relatives, it became clear that his commitment to suicide was due to the suicide of his girlfriend, so he decided to get rid of his life in grief over her.

And “Al-Shorouk” learned from the relatives of the young suicide, that a love story had arisen between (Samir and Lubna) 5 years ago, where the young man presented to her 4 times and her family refused, and the matter reached the point of forcing the girl to marry another who does not love him as her marriage did not last more than Two weeks, after she confessed to her husband that her heart is related to another person.

After their divorce, Samir renewed the request to marry his beloved, and the two families faced the request to refuse again, so it was only a sweetheart except suicide last Saturday, by pinching the poisonous grain to end the tragedy of the impossible marriage dream, and Samir did not hold back, so he kept crying for two days, separating her, He took the grain of suicide and suicide in the same way, to write the end of their story yesterday, Monday.

When Samir was transferred to the Baltim Central Hospital, he was in severe exhaustion, and the hospital referred him to the Poison Institute in Alexandria, but he died while on the way, and he was returned to the hospital morgue.

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