The famous artist Ibrahim Farah, Sheikh Abdel Qader, has passed away at the age of 68


The artist Ibrahim Farah, known as “Sheikh Abdel Qader”, died today, Friday, in an intensive care room in an engineer hospital, at the age of 68, and Sarah Najla, the artist Ibrahim Farah, said in a statement to Middle East News Agency – “Her father died after his health deteriorated. During the past hours, the family has not yet decided when the funeral will take place“.

Ibrahim Farah had been exposed to a sudden health crisis in early January while filming an artistic work, and he subsequently fell into a coma for 3 days, but his health condition witnessed a noticeable improvement before the doctors decided to leave the hospital, but he was recently exposed to a new health crisis he entered into Consequently, intensive care.

Ibrahim Farah is considered one of the distinctive faces in the Egyptian drama, as the audience commented on him because of his performance in a wide range of works, including “Khawaja Abdul Qadir”, “Sheikh Arab Hammam”, “Kafr Delhab”, “Sweetness of the World”, “Oasis of Sunset” and ” Al-Zubaiq “, and he played the role of Sheikh Abdul Qadir in the series” Al-Khawaja Abdul Qadir “and created this pivotal role, contributing to the success of the series, and managed to keep up with the acting giant Yahya Al-Fakhrani in the scenes that brought them together.

In a different context, the body of the great artist Magda Al-Sabahi was funeral to the Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque in Mohandessin,

The great artist Magda Al-Sabahi moved next to her Lord yesterday, Thursday, at the age of 89, after a life full of artistic giving in which she was not satisfied with acting and starring films that became signs in the history of cinema, but she founded a production company in 1958 and produced a number of important films, through which she presented a number of The stars, as well as social films, including where is my age, and who I love, and adolescent girls, which were classified as one of the most important films in the history of cinema, Magda Film Company has produced a number of national and religious films, and she has fought these important experiences of history, homeland and art, including the movie “Age is a moment” Who talked about a period The setback and crimes of Israel and the October War, and religious films, including: the migration of the Messenger, and the greats of Islam. One of the most important films produced by Magda was the movie “Jamila”, which spoke about the heroism of the Algerian militant Jamila Bouhreid and shed light on the practices of the French occupation in Algeria.

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