The father of the “martyr of chivalry”: I refused to attend the appeal because he was “required to be distracted … and what happened happened”


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Muhammad al-Banna, the father of the student, Mahmoud al-Banna, known medialy as the “martyr of magnanimity,” said in a phone call to “Al-Masry Al-Youm”: “I refused to attend because from my point of view my presence is not necessary and the salvation of what happened happened,” adding: “Unfortunately, What is going on are attempts to reduce the verdict, and the defendants attorney may succeed in this, and what is worse is that they are trying to inform the son of a defendant. ”

Al-Banna added: “The door for the family regarding Mahmoud’s case has been closed, and we are asking for the just justice of Egypt because of the necessity of changing the law in the interest of the family and children.”

On December 22, during the fourth session of the trial of those accused of killing the student Mahmoud Al-Banna, headed by Counselor Baher Hussein, the President of the Court, the Child Criminal Court in Shebeen El-Kom, Menoufia District, issued a 15-year prison sentence for Muhammad Rajeh and 2 others, and 5 years imprisonment for the fourth suspect, the bike rider. Al-Bukhari, who assisted the first suspect, Muhammad Rajeh, to escape from the scene.

The crime took place on October 9 and shook parts of the city of Tala in Menoufia, and turned into a public opinion case, and the cities of Tala and Shebeen El-Kom in Menoufia governorate witnessed demonstrations demanding retribution for Al-Banna, and the adviser, Hamada Al-Sawy, the Public Prosecutor, ordered the accused Mohamed Rajeh and three others to be transferred to an urgent criminal trial to accuse them By intentionally killing the victim, Mahmoud Mohamed Al-Banna, with premeditation.

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