The Film Society Festival honors “Blue Elephant 2”, “The Corridor” and other works


Mahmoud Abdel Samie, President of the Film Society Festival, handed over certificates of appreciation to a number of film directors and producers that were chosen as the best films of 2019 in the referendum of critics, filmmakers and members of the association, namely the films “Blue Elephant 2” and “Walad Rizk 2” for Synergy Company, the movie “ The Corridor, The Secret Men Club, The Guest, The Treasure 2, The Fantasy, The Lama Bentold.

The management of the Film Society Festival celebrated at the opening ceremony of the 46th session held at the Creativity Center at the Egyptian Opera House, the Police Day with the presentation of an Islamic anthem, Egypt, for the sacrifices made by the policemen to preserve the security of Egypt and confront terrorist groups, in the presence of the director of photography Mahmoud Abdel Samie, head of the festival, Khaled Abdel Jalil, Advisor to the Minister of Culture, Director Omar Abdel Aziz, President of the Art Syndicates Union, Clown Hany Lashin, Critic Kamal Ramzy, Director Mohamed Abu Saif, Director Ashraf Fayek, bearing the name of the session artist Samiha Ayoub, guest of honor of the festival, and dedicated to the soul of the critic Youssef Sharif Rizkallah .

Mahmoud Abdel Samie, during the opening ceremony, thanked the members of the jury for their contribution to watching movies and choosing the winners, and we added to the festival this year honoring symbols from the Egyptian cinema, among them, the artist Tawfiq Al-Dakan, which will be honored at the end, and we apologize for not having attended Samiha Ayoub Filming a series in Lebanon.

Amr Abdel Aziz praised the Film Society Festival, expressing his happiness for his presence, stressing that any Giza Film Association has value for any other festival.

The jury of the 46th session is composed of the Film Society, critic Kamal Ramzy, head of the committee, and the membership of both, director Hany Lashin, director Hala Khalil, director and scriptwriter Mohamed Abu Saif, interior design engineer Fawzi Al-Awamari, director of photography and professor of film institute Dr. Mohamed Asr, the Editor and Professor Editing, Rahma Montaser, the film critic Magda Morris, the film critic Osama Abdel Fattah, the film critic Mohammed Al Roubi and finally the great artist Izzat Al Alayli.

The films are shown in the cinema of the Artistic Creativity Center at the Opera House, which is the “guest” of director Hadi El-Bagoury, and the movie “The Secret Men’s Club” by Khaled El Halfaoui will be shown on Sunday, and the movie “Corridor” directed by Sharif Arafa will be shown on Monday, and “Blue Elephant 2 ″ by Marwan Hamid will be shown on Tuesday, and “Treasure 2” by director Sharif Arafa will be presented on Wednesday, and the movie “Walad Rizk 2” by director Tariq Al-Arian will be shown on Thursday, and “Fantasy Mata” by director Khaled Merhi will be shown on Friday, and will be the last film to be shown “When Bintold ”By Tamer Ezzat.

Film Society Festival honors

Film Society Festival honors

Film Society Festival honors

Film Society Festival honors


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