The first casualty was killed … Violent missile attack on a base that includes American forces in Iraq


Al-Arabiya TV reported that a violent missile attack targeted the Taji camp north of Baghdad, which includes American forces.For its part, Sky News reported that a missile landed near one of the gates of the Taji camp, and wounded a member of the security forces.

A source told “Russia Today” that at least 5 rockets landed on Tuesday evening inside the camp.

On the other hand, Sky News added that violent confrontations are taking place between protesters and riot police in the Al-Baladiyah neighborhood, in the middle of Karbala governorate in southern Iraq.

She added that the riot police used live bullets and tear gas to disperse the protesters in Karbala.

Iran had targeted the “Ain al-Assad” and “Erbil” base in Iraq, at dawn last Wednesday, in response to an operation in which Washington killed the prominent leader of the Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani, in a plane traveling near Baghdad airport, about 10 days ago.

Yesterday, Monday, US forces removed debris and debris from the base in Anbar province, in western Iraq, days after being struck by Iranian ballistic missiles.

The Taji base is located about 85 km north of the city of Baghdad, and there is an airport and a huge military base originally belonging to the Iraqi Republican Guard built during the era of the Iraqi President

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